Oral System Biology

DO YOU SUFFER FROM: * Forward head posture * Muscle aches and pains of the head * Racing thoughts and/or jitteriness * Anxiety/panic attacks * Constant clearing of the throat * Snoring, sleep apnea, restless nights * Sensitivity to smells, sounds, food, and certain situations or stimuli Established by Dr. Farrand Robson, OSB is about putting the body in natural balance so that it can function optimally with particular emphasis on free breathing and spinal alignment. This is achieved by allowing the relationship between tongue, jaw, throat, and spine to balance. The impact on the autonomic and sensory nervous system is dramatic enough to change your overall sense of health and well-being. (Source - http:www.healingamericanaturally .com/oral-systemicbalance-osb.html) For more information go to www.oralsystembiology.com

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