Goliad Dental Care's CASH FOR CANDY was another successful event. With everyone's help, well over 75 pounds of candy was delivered to our office. This not only got the candy out of the hands of many, many children and rewarded them with money for their efforts, but allowed the candy to be delivered to our troops overseas. The candy was picked up at our office by Local Boy Scout Troop 60 which makes its home here in Goliad. The candy will be delivered to a hospital in the Middle East where many children are also hospitalized. This project is a special one for the Boy Scouts here in Goliad. The local children who collected and delivered the candy to our office will be spared the potential dental damage that we see every year about 6 months after Halloween. Additionally, our troops and children hospitalized overseas will be given a special "treat" that they rarely experience in the tough conditions overseas. Overall it will be a great Win Win situation for all and we hope to sponsor another CASH FOR CANDY event next year at Halloween.

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